Scentsy — Is it a legitimate Business opportunity?

Scentsy is the hottest new thing in Candles. Whether you have heard of this small enterprise yet or not, it is going to take the luminous made of wax world by storm. Scensty may have only started 5 years ago in Centerville, Utah, but it now ranks highly among the likes of Betty Kay and scentsy uk website Amway in the direct selling world. Scentsy is considered to be “The Next Big Thing”.

Scentsy was developed after two stay at home moms (Colette Gunnell & Kara Egan) were looking for a safe alternative to the off the shelf scented candles we were looking at used to buying. After careful research, hard work, and experimentation, Scentsy was developed! Within the first year, Scentsy was purchased by Orville Thompson and relocated to Meridian Idaho, where it continues to grow at an exponential rate. Since the initial purchase of Scentsy, the company has need to add locations in The state of illinois and Kentucky to help improve their distribution and accommodate their massive growth. As a result, the company lines products to consultants and consumers quickly, creating customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Not only has Scentsy experience phenomenal growth, but they have likewise recruited the most amazing consultants to represent its company. In the period of time I have been with Scentsy, I have met some fabulous consultants. Becoming a Scentsy consultant, means that you are joining the Scentsy family. Not only are the other Scentsy consultants extremely helpful whenever you need them, but they also share ideas which stimulate you to make your business the best it can be. I can’t count the number of ideas I’ve received from other Scentsy consultants, or the occasions I’ve ask for helped and had a reply within 10 minutes. The other consultants truly want you to succeed, and it shows.

The impact Scentsy has had on living is really extraordinary. Not only have I met fabulous people through Scentsy, but through my community as well. The parties I throw for Scentsy Hosts introduce me to new people each time. On top of that, but I actually enjoy working now. Earning a living for Scentsy has given me a new perspective on the amount a job should be, and let me tell you, at the very least, your work should be enjoyed. For anyone who might be looking for a way to avoid of their current job, or if you’d just like to manufacture a few extra bucks, Scentsy is the company you should consider joining.

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